Our Guarantee

We have been supplying our customers with Original Irish Clothing Since 1986. We will take care of you, this is Our Guarantee!

Lee Valley Ireland products are made in Ireland, when you purchase from us, we quickly despatch your order directly from our facility in West Cork, Ireland.

Lee Valley Ireland Guarantee


We don’t want to just sell you a Grandfather Shirt; we want you to be part of our family; this has been our philosophy for over 35 years. 

The home of the Original Irish Grandfather Shirt

The humble beginnings of Lee Valley Ireland.

Lee Valley is situated in Inchigeela through which the River Lee flows, hence the name Lee Valley Ireland. Denis restored the old Inchigeela Creamery - which had ceased operations in the 1970s and stood unused - therefore the old creamery became the original Lee Valley Ireland premises.

“Our Customers Built Us”.

The creamery became a stop-off for tourists visiting the old sod, and they loved the Lee Valley Grandfather Shirts. Many visitors suggested the grandfather shirts would sell really well in stores across the globe, and soon Lee Valley Ireland was wholesaling worldwide.

Based on customer feedback, the business expanded its range to include Flannel Pyjamas, Flannel Nightrobes, Flannel Nightshirts, and more. We now export worldwide to countries including France, Germany, UK, USA, and Canada, supplying over 100,000 customers globally. 

Over three decades after cutting his first grandfather shirt, Denis and the Hurley family remain committed to offering high-quality Irish country clothing: “it goes to prove that comfort, quality, and durability never go out of style”.