The Story of Lee Valley Ireland

Shipping Beautiful Irish Products Worldwide Every Day

Lee Valley Ireland has designed and manufactured high-quality Irish country clothing since 1986.  Founded by Denis Hurley in the village of Inchigeela, Co. Cork, the company takes its name from the River Lee in the heart of County Cork. Lee Valley Ireland has always proudly taken inspiration from this beautiful and historic valley.


The Grandfather Shirt

Visiting the home of his grandfather who had passed away many years before, Denis explored the old thatch cottage which had been empty for over a decade. The inside was worn and dusty though traces of our past could still be found inside. The bedroom featured an old bed frame and, as if faith had left it there to be discovered once more, a large trunk which held some of his grandfather’s shirts. There was one shirt in particular that Denis instantly recognised as it was his grandfather’s favourite shirt. It had been worn to the bare thread and was cream with a faint blue stripe. The shirt was collarless, an unusual feature to be absent but that’s the way he liked it.
Denis fondly remembers his grandfather saying “they don’t make them like this anymore” fondly. My Grandfather’s shirt, now there’s a thought…

Denis began drafting patterns and cutting fabric at home with a dream to create his own timeless design which blends traditional Irish heritage with modern comfort and quality assurance. Production was then outsourced to local tailors and The Original Grandfather shirt was born.



Moving into the 90’s, as Lee Valley Ireland’s popularity increased so did the range of products which Denis designed from the exact same material which the iconic grandfather shirts are made. This wider range of products and colours include Pyjamas, Night Robes, Night Caps, Linen Shirts, Fleece Lined Shirts
and continuing to adapt our traditional vision to modern ideas, The Fleece Lined Lounge Hoodie and Organic Shirts. It is our full intention to become a fully organic company by 2027.


Over 35 years later, we are incredibly proud and honoured to be continuing to export from our own purposely built building here in Lee Valley to over 75 countries worldwide. Bringing the
exact same quality guarantee for over 35 years across a range of both traditional and modern designs.

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